Advanced detection of brain and spinal cord cancers

Our technological advances are intended to play a crucial role in guiding precise, informed treatment decisions for patients

Using licensed technology, we have developed a proprietary molecular testing platform to identify tumor DNA in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collected from a lumbar puncture procedure. Unlike currently available alternatives like cytology, imaging scans, or brain biopsies, our proprietary testing platform has the potential to offer a less invasive alternative path forward.

CSF cytology only has a 16-30% sensitivity range.1 Imaging scans are unable to distinguish malignant tumors from benign ones, and brain biopsies can be costly and invasive.2 Our CSF assay is designed to leverage proprietary technology to analyze CSF DNA for the presence of cancer simply and to be less invasive for the patient.

Introducing Belay Summit

Belay Summit is our first test focused on using next-generation sequencing technology to detect and analyze DNA that can be found in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples. By testing CSF samples, we circumvent the blood brain barrier, which is critical for the detection of brain cancers specifically.

Belay’s molecular analysis of CSF DNA enables the detection of aneuploidy, mutations and methylation signature.

At launch, Belay Summit will focus on testing for CNS tumors in patients.

With our proprietary testing platform, we’re striving to be a reliable guide on the path toward more successful CNS cancer outcomes

The future of neurologic diagnostics

The advances we’re working towards in the detection and diagnosis of CNS cancers represent an innovation that may offer clinicians a valuable new tool to help inform treatment decisions. We’re eagerly anticipating the day our testing platform can provide reliable support as we forge a path toward more successful outcomes for people affected by CNS cancers and other neurologic disorders.

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